Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica

The roots of a winning philosophy

Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica was founded in 1920’s producing components for the overhead line market. During the ’60s, Rebosio began to look at composite materials as an alternative to the traditional insulation materials currently used. The production of glass fibre reinforced rod had already begun, followed by their first insulators, made of Teflon. In the ’80s, Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica patented their first composite silicone insulators.In 1992, Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica was acquired by ABB Sae Sadelmi S.p.A. as a major part of its complete offering of accessories for high speed railway catenary suspensions systems and gained a leading position in the worldwide railway industry.It subsequently became the Unità Operativa Rebosio in the ABB Group.In 2002, the Unità Operativa Rebosio was acquired by Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A. and became EB Rebosio s.r.l. and in 2003 transferred its head office to their new facilities in Madone (BG).