Gruppo Bonomi

The roots of a winning philosophy

Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A and Rebosio Industria Elettrotecnica (RIE) are two well known trademarks in the railway and electro-mechanical sectors.

The two companies started to collaborate in the ’70s, immediately finding themselves in total agreement regarding technical, quality and production matters.

This ongoing and effective collaboration has naturally evolved into a partnership, which has been formalised in the new Bonomi Group.

Bonomi Eugenio S.p.A.

Bonomi Eugenio was set up in 1928 as a non-ferrous alloy foundry. In the ’50s, the company expanded, gearing its production towards the electro-mechanical sector, and in the ’70s the company found even more fertile ground in the railway sector.Lok Electric was founded in 1980 and through a consistent investment and development programme became an important manufacturer of compression connectors and terminals. In 1999 Lok Electric was acquired by Bonomi and moved to its new factory in Montichiari (Brescia).Its innovative manufacturing and patented products for the railway and electrical sectors has ensured an increasingly important presence in the domestic and international markets.In 2002 Bonomi joined with EB Rebosio, acquiring the “unità operative Rebosio” from the ABB Group.